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As Monte Carlo Yachts’ official UK agent trust us to guide you through the detail of each exquisitely crafted vessel.
mcy 105mcy 105 interior

A new star is born
The unveiling of the MCY 105, coincided with Monte Carlo Yachts' five year anniversary, is the most tangible exemplification of the company’s vision of timeless style and the naval allure.
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mcy 86mcy 86 interior

A classic, unique style
Technical, living and aesthetic solutions that simply can’t be found in other boats of the same category. A bigger, more spacious, more luxurious yacht with an unprecedented level of customization.
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mcy 80mcy 80 interior

A Future classic
Sleek and modern exterior, that is both sportive and contemporary, an interesting contrast that instantly attracts one's attention that shows off speed and comfort without being too minimalistic.
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mcy 76mcy 76 interior

The new benchmark for luxury
Elegant yet not extreme, destined to stand the test of time, with strong technical and innovative content. Classic elements, a new concept, unique personality and maximum functionality.
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mcy 70mcy 70 interior

At the very top of its class, an unparalleled beauty
Unmistakable family feeling with a unique personality, The Monte Carlo Yachts 70 epitomises the brand concept and is delivered full of special and previously unseen features.
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mcy 66mcy 66 interior

Innate grandeur in every detail
Luxury is always a source of inspiration; elegance hand in hand with functionality, beauty with utility. The result is cutting edge but not extreme in its design, reassuring, yet highly innovative.
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mcy 65mcy 65 interior

Nothing less than excellence
The first time you set eyes on one of the Monte Carlo range boats, you realize it has that little indefinable extra that makes you think it was made for you.
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As Monte Carlo Yachts' official UK Distributor trust us to guide you through the highlights of each exquisitely crafted vessel.
At Sunbird we understand the value of good customer service. That's why we make you our no.1 priority.
As long established dealers for the Monte Carlo range, we offer an unrivalled level of experience and expertise.
Without limitations, from across the entire range of world class motor yachts, we can help you realise your boating dreams.
Monte Carlo 105
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Sunbird International Motor Yachts are proud to be the UK official distributor for Monte Carlo Yachts (MCY). Our involvement with MCY starts from the beginning, when it became very obvious that we share the same commitment and passion in what we do. This has enabled us to develop a strong and close working partnership, through first-hand experience of the incredible growth of the MCY brand.


We share many common attributes such as being totally committed to our customers. It's not just something we say, it's something we do every day. Together, we create unique Yachts and experiences that people want, and we build them around our customers. We offer a relationship that makes people feel good.


Every one of the MCY models is unique because it is built around the dreams of its owner. The boat owners' wishes are at the centre of the production process every step of the way, and we can't imagine how it could be done any differently. We don't aim to meet our customer's expectations, we aim to take those expectations to the next level.


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Monte Carlo 52
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Monte Carlo (MC) is the premium range of motor boats from Beneteau. Something of real significance is Sunbird's relationship with Beneteau that spans over 30 years and includes both sailing and motor yachts. A key reason for the success of this longevity is Beneteau continually producing fresh, new and innovative designs, coupled with our extensive knowledge of worldwide boating.


Our commitment to Monte Carlo started from the launch of the very first model, the MC5 and since that time we have developed and unrivalled wealth of experience of the MC range.


Inspired by the Monte Carlo Yachts, the MC range are characterized by their magnificent hull, timeless elegance, detailed crafting and top quality finishes.


Designed by the talented Nuvolari & Lenard duo, the MC range is available in both Flybridge and Sports Top styles, incorporating a level of sophistication usually only found in higher value motor yachts. This means that owners can break away from the mainstream and truly experience something unique to them.


Monte Carlo now stands apart as a hallmark of style, power and luxury.


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