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MCY 70 - pre 2019

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The Monte Carlo Yachts 70 epitomises the brand concept, right from the high flared bow, with easy entry into the water, and with those lines which make it fit in whether reflected in a Mediterranean bay or out on the ocean waves. But this model is full of special and previously unseen features: the distinctive nature of the MCY 70 can be best summarised by the sinuous flow between the profiles of the fly and the fashion plates, the unmistakable supports in glass and steel which represent one of Monte Carlo Yachts signature features, always skilled in reusing classic functional elements and reworking them in a contemporary way.

The naval allure of the MCY 70 has a unique appeal. Even the on-board experience and the atmosphere of the interior environments have been designed to convey instant recognition.

The appeal produced by the dimensions and materials has a particular touch of spontaneity, as if the beauty of the MCY 70 were a gift of nature, even before it was the result of the human creative process. The elements used are precious and have not undergone artificial treatments: the scratched teak for the flooring, the scratched oak and grey sycamore for the furnishings. The hides and marbles (Amani Bronze and Persian Limestone) impart the same sense of natural elegance through which, in filigrain, the quality of the boat's technological contents and the functionality of its design solutions can be read.

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Main dimensions

Overall length (LOA) 21.30 m (69' 11'')
Maximum beam 5.42 m (17' 9'')
Draft (ZF POD) 1.80 m (5’ 11’’)
Draft (V-Drive) 1.65 m (5’ 5’’)
Displacement (ZF POD) 42 t
Displacement (V-Drive) 41 t

Building material
VTR, Kevlar®, carbon

2 x MAN V8 1200 (ZF POD)
2 x MAN V8 1200 (V-Drive)


Maximum speed 33 kn (ZF POD)
31 kn (V-Drive)
Cruise speed 26 kn (ZF POD)
26 kn (V-Drive)


Fuel 4000 l (1057 US gal)
Fresh water 840 l (221 US gal)

Naval architecture & engineering
Monte Carlo Yachts

Design category

MCY 70 layout plans

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