Monte Carlo Yachts wins Innovation in a Production Process Award at the 2015 Boat Builders Awards


Monte Carlo Yachts’ distinguishes itself with yet another prestigious award that recognises the company’s innovative production process.


23 November 2015.

Monte Carlo Yachts has been awarded with the Innovation in a Production Process Award at the IBI-METS Boat Builder Awards for Business Achievement , an important recognition to the innovative production process that has distinguished the company since the launch of its first yacht, the award-winning MCY 76, in Venice in 2010.

During the award ceremony that took place on November 18th, 2015 at a gala dinner at The National Maritime Museum, Amsterdam Federico Peruccio, Marketing Manager, accepted the award on behalf of the company.

“Back in 2010, Monte Carlo Yachts introduced a world-class modular construction process inspired by the concepts in Lean manufacturing that made waves in the yachting world,” says Federico Peruccio.

“Today, the Boat Builder’s Award recognition proves once again that our yachts combine aesthetic and functional qualities, technical reliability and a efficient and innovative production environment rarely seen in the industry.”

The Innovation in a Production Process Award is part of the prestigious new Boat Builder Awards for business achievement, organised jointly by IBI magazine and METS.

The awards recognise individual and team success within boat building companies globally across six categories of business achievement.

Specifically, the IBI-METS panel found that:

“Monte Carlo Yachts' modular construction system is a game-changer for the industry. Building superstructure, deck
and interior in parallel modules, enabling the Italian builder to cut construction times by up to 50%.

Ultimately Monte Carlo Yacht’s ability to construct interiors outside of the boat on a grid system not only greatly
simplifies the build process, but also encourages more exact levels of finish, enabling much greater levels of
customisation —in essence Monte Carlo Yachts has cracked the code of building semi-custom boats on a full scale
series production line. Its latest MCY 105 bares testimony to a builder redefining the rules.”

This award follows the company’s new flagship MCY 105 Most Innovative Award in its category at the Invictus Yachts
Trophies in Cannes and is the 15th award overall for Monte Carlo Yachts’ fleet currently composed of 5 models.



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