Since the very beginning, Monte Carlo Yachts founded its vision in creating a truly new concept of luxury with the aim of offering unique sea experiences not findable before.
Functional design, unlimited customization possibilities, seaworthiness, one-to-one relation with owners, accurate after-sales service and exclusive events are some of the ingredients we use to create exceptional emotions.
Managing continuous improvement and strive for innovation are the base of our daily work. At the start of the New Year, our aim is to open a new communication line addressed to our friends around the World.
This is Snapshots from MCY: all about our brand, news in short, previews, events, each month directly in your mail box.
To make you feel a partner, one of us, sharing the same interests, perceiving to be on-board.

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Federico Peruccio
Marketing & Communication Manager
Under the spotlight
The new MCY 96: pure ocean pleasure
96 is the key number of the year.
Monte Carlo Yachts has announced the development of the new MCY 96, an almost 30 meter yacht that both further develops the MCY “Future Classic” design philosophy and technical specifications and boosts the company’s collection through a unique vessel
with superyacht scope and defining traits.
“The new MCY 96 represents both continuity and evolution for the MCY collection and the company. The great international success and global appeal of the MCY 105 has guided us in developing the MCY 96, which will set new standards and mark a new era of growth in the superyacht segment for Monte Carlo Yachts.

Carla Demaria
President of Monte Carlo Yachts
“The MCY 96 is the seventh yacht in the collection that we have worked on together with Monte Carlo Yachts. The new model is unmistakably a MCY in its visual appeal, the incredible exterior and interior spaciousness, and the total customisation options available for owners, but it is also unique in its personality and details. We are very proud of how the MCY collection is constantly evolving whilst staying true to itself.”

Nuvolari Lenard
Ever since its very successful debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2016, the MCY 80 fascinated also the Asian public during an exclusive event held in Honk Kong on January 13.
In two weeks time, with the aim to be truly global,
the MCY 80 will join Miami for its official Premiere in the USA.
The MCY 80 has been designed to be elegant, sophisticated and powerful;
words that ring with true resonance in these very exclusive locations.
MCY offers the opportunity to have a “tailored ship” not limited to colors, fabrics and decorations,
but with free choice on the external and internal spaces layout and their use.
For us, it’s no longer sufficient to create a beautiful and comfortable yacht,
but to offer genuine representation of the owner’s personality.
Are you planning a weekend trip and do you think it’s time to come on board a MCY?
Here’s our next weeks’ agenda.
While lights turn off in Boot Dusseldorf - with a wonderful MCY 70 on display - the gaze turns both to the East and the West. Three impressive venues to highlight MCY’s glamour.
Eurasia Boat Show
Istanbul, Turkey
11 - 19 February

From February 11-19, the rendez-vous is in Istanbul, the place with layers of history and an endless supply of hospitality and fashion at your disposal. Tezmarine, our local dealer, will guarantee the best experience while discovering MCY.

Yachts Miami Beach
16 - 20 February

If you are travelling in the US, let’s make a stop at Yachts Miami Beach (16-20 February). Miami, the city of miles of dazzling white beaches, dynamic nightlife and glittering skylines, is in fact widely considered one of America’s most happening cities, and is here where the MCY 80 will do her American debut. Update your agenda!

Dubai International Boat Show
United Arab Emirates
28 February - 4 March

Are you in the Middle East region? From February 28 to March 4 don’t miss the occasion of visiting the Dubai International Boat Show. Dubai is an exciting alchemy of profound traditions and ambitious futuristic vision. It's hard not to admire their indefatigable verve and ability to dream up and realise projects that elsewhere would never get off the drawing board.